Quick Summary

Whitepaper Last Update: 17/06/2022

What is Castle Overlord?

Castle Overlord is a competitive multiplayer strategy game aimed at NFT enthusiasts. Players assume the role of rookie overlords vying for dominance in a fresh and flourishing land. The game allows players to collect NFT units, upgrade, trade, and use them to battle each other.

Gameplay Features

The core gameplay of Castle Overlord revolves around attacking other players in order to gain resources and using these resources to get stronger. By owning troopers, a player can launch an assault against another player and attempt to plunder their wealth. Conversely, the defending player must ward off enemy attack by building castles and towers.
Every unit (trooper, castle, or tower) in Castle Overlord is an NFT, and they come in huge variations of visual appearance and battle capabilities. Units may also be upgraded by spending resources. Collect rare NFTs to gain advantage in the battlefield, or simply showcase your unique style!

Blockchain Features

Castle Overlord is built on top of the NEAR blockchain, and the game economy is designed carefully to ensure both scarcity and a steady flow of tokens. Every NFT collection will have a virtually unlimited amount of variations, but it is balanced by the limitation of the minting period. Once the minting period of a collection is over, the NFTs in that collection will be unavailable to mint permanently.
This game uses six utility tokens, which represent six types of resource: Gold ($COGLD), Red Gem ($CORED), Black Gem ($COBLK), Yellow Gem ($COYLW), Green Gem ($COGRN), and Blue Gem ($COBLU). These tokens can be earned through gameplay, and will be spent through gameplay as well. We offer staking rewards for NFT holders, and we’re planning more use cases for these tokens in the future.

Minting, Playing, and Trading

Castle Overlord is a browser-based game built using the Three.js technology. You can play this game by visiting https://www.castleoverlord.com. NFT minting can be done through this website as well.
The game is available for free with limited features. You can unlock the full gameplay and earn rewards by owning at least one NFT unit. NFT trading activities are conducted in Paras marketplace, with a plan to implement an in-game marketplace later on. The Paras marketplace can be accessed through https://paras.id.

Developer Team

Castle Overlord is developed by Nightspade, an award-winning game company with more than 12 years of experience. Nightspade has partnered with multiple industry-leading brands, including DeNA, Google, Tokopedia, Microsoft, Nickelodeon, and many more. We aim to offer a high-quality product which can be used as both the source of entertainment and strategic investment.
To learn more about Nightspade, visit https://www.nightspade.com.