Castle Overlord offers a wide variety of units with a huge amount of possible combinations. Units are grouped into various factions which determine their visual identity and behavior. While in battle, deploying units of the same faction may trigger synergy and make them stronger.
Factions also dictate the units that players can acquire in a minting period. For example, players might acquire units from the Cyber Samurai faction from today’s NFT collection, but need to wait until the next collection release if they want to acquire units from the Military faction. This “banner” method of unit rollout ensures that players always have something to look forward to and can keep playing the game in excitement.
Currently, we are offering 3 different factions in Castle Overlord, with plans to add more in the future.


Living their daily lives in the harsh environment of underground mining facilities, the Steampunk people are tough and hard-working. They use whatever parts they can find to build tools and giant robots, and have managed to establish a tightly knit community in their underground empire. The technology of Steampunk may look primitive or rugged, but the durability is unquestionable.
The Steampunk troopers are characterized by their slow movement, bulky body, and provoking aesthetics. They can equip 2 types of weapon: the punch-type which enables them to perform rapid attacks, and the smash-type which is slower but can inflict area damage.

Cyber Samurai

For some people, developing high-end technology is a necessity to achieve a better life. In the process of doing so, they might lose their old values and virtues. But not Cyber Samurai. For them, keeping ancestors’ tradition is an important part of their way of life. Donning elegant armors and unbreakable blades, these honorable warriors are always ready to prove their worth.
The Cyber Samurai troopers are not particularly tanky, but they make up for it with high damage and agility. They can equip 2 types of weapon: the hack-type which deals a circular area damage, and the thrust-type which deals area damage in a line.


An era of turmoil forces the government to allocate most of their funds to reinforce their Military strength, while leaving their people in bare minimum living standard. Utilizing extreme training in VR simulations, this faction managed to assemble a strong army of soldiers with thousands of hours of combat experience. They’ve mastered the art of long range weapons, allowing them to eliminate targets without getting a scratch.
The Military troopers excel in long range combat, but are fragile when fighting up close. They can equip 2 types of weapon: the handgun which is capable of firing rapid shots, and the rifle which fires slowly but deals high damage.