Booster Packs

NFTs in Castle Overlord can be purchased (minted) through booster packs. Each booster pack may contain a single NFT unit or a bundle of multiple units. A booster pack’s theme will also determine the unit type it contains and the faction.
Here are a few examples of booster packs and their contents:
  • Steampunk Trooper Pack. Contains 1 trooper from the Steampunk faction.
  • Cyber Samurai Trooper Bundle. Contains 5 troopers from the Cyber Samurai faction.
  • Single Color Military Trooper Pack. Contains 1 trooper from the Military faction with same-colored unit parts.
Units that players gain through booster packs consist of randomized parts. The randomizer affects the following aspects of a part:
  • Part appearance. This determines the 3D mesh of a part installed in a unit.
  • Type variant. Some parts have type variants, such as the Steampunk faction’s weapon part which may consist of a punch-type weapon or a smash-type weapon.
  • Part rarity. This determines the quality of a part, whether it’s common, rare or legendary. Higher rarity results in a higher stat. Legendary parts are only obtainable as long as the stock lasts.
  • Appearance variant. Once the 3D mesh has been determined, this calculation is executed to apply the material (color and texture) to the mesh. There are 5 available variants for each 3D mesh.