Players can get stronger by earning resources through battles and spending these resources to upgrade units. There are six types of resources in Castle Overlord, which consist of 1 currency and 5 materials. Every resource type is a cryptocurrency token, and all resource earning/spending activities are treated as on-chain transactions.
  1. 1.
    Currency: Gold
  2. 2.
    Material: Red Gem
  3. 3.
    Material: Black Gem
  4. 4.
    Material: Yellow Gem
  5. 5.
    Material: Green Gem
  6. 6.
    Material: Blue Gem
Both gold and materials can be acquired by playing PvE or PvP battles. In PvE battles, the amount and type of resources awarded are predetermined according to the selected stage. However, in PvP battles, these resources will be determined by how many towers/castles the player succeeded to destroy. Different types of towers/castles will yield a different amount and type of resources.
Players may also gain additional resources by completing daily missions. Resources that a player earns will be kept in their storage and cannot be used immediately. In order to use the resources, the player must claim them from the storage.
A player’s storage size is limited, and every claiming process will cost them a percentage of the resources. To minimize the claiming cost, the player can increase their storage size by purchasing NFT castles.