Players who own at least one unit of trooper can launch an assault against an AI-controlled enemy (PvE) or another player (PvP). Before the battle, the attacking player needs to summon and arrange their troopers in a formation. The number of summoned troopers can be increased by owning more NFT troopers and castles. Attacking other players, gaining resources, and using the resources to get stronger is the core gameplay loop of Castle Overlord.
Destroying enemy’s towers and castles will reward the attacking player with resources (gold and materials) necessary to upgrade their units. In a PvE assault, the amount of resources gained is predetermined and will be taken from the in-game resources pool. But in a PvP assault, the amount will vary based on the type and strength of the destroyed towers/castles, and these resources will be taken directly from the defending player’s inventory. If an assault fails, the attacking player may still gain resources as long as they manage to destroy some towers.
An assault battle in progress. Final product may differ.
Trooper units who participate in an assault will get fatigued and cannot be summoned for a period of time. Therefore, owning a large collection of NFT gives the player an opportunity to launch an assault more often.
Assault battle is the only gameplay mode available to free players. The usable units are predetermined, only PvE assault is available, and they will not earn any reward.