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Castle Overlord is currently in the Phase 1 development stage.
Phase 0
  • Ideation
  • Game Development
  • NFT Creation
  • Community Building
  • Strategic Partnership
  • Conceiving the concept of Castle Overlord project, both the game and NFT collection
  • Developing budget plans, development timeline, and game design document
  • Additional crew recruitment to fill the specific needs of Castle Overlord Realizing the game design into a dApp
  • Creating various assets to be used in NFT units
  • Establishing a connection among the game, NEAR wallet, and Paras NFT marketplace
  • Launching Discord server and social media accounts on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram
  • Launching the Castle Overlord website
  • Building the Castle Overlord social follower and community
Phase 1
  • NFT Release (Collection 1)
  • NFT Integration
  • Implement PvE Assault
  • Game Release (Beta)
  • Designing the Castle Overlord NFT trading cards to be displayed in Paras marketplace
  • Launching the 1st wave of Castle Overlord NFT (Collection 1)
  • Collection 1 consists of NFT troopers from 3 factions: Cyber Samurai, Steampunk, and Military
  • Launching the first playable dApp of Castle Overlord (Beta 1) Beta 1 features include NFT units integration and PvE assault
Phase 2
  • NFT Release (Collection 2)
  • Implement Units Upgrade
  • Implement Leaderboard
  • Game Update
  • Launching the 2nd wave of Castle Overlord NFT (Collection 2)
  • Collection 2 contains NFT castles and more NFT troopers from the 3 factions
  • Launching an update for the Castle Overlord dApp (Beta 2)
  • Beta 2 new features include the NFT units upgrade system and global leaderboard system
Phase 3
  • NFT Release (Collection 3)
  • Implement PvP Assault
  • Implement Territory
  • Implement Daily Mission
  • Game Update
  • Launching the 3rd wave of Castle Overlord NFT (Collection 3)
  • Collection 3 contains NFT towers from the 3 factions
  • Launching an update for the Castle Overlord dApp (v1.0)
  • v1.0 new features include PvP assault, territory system, and daily mission system
Phase 4
  • NFT Release (Collection 4)
  • New Faction
  • Implement Raid Battle
  • Implement NFT Burning
  • Game Update
  • Launching the 4th wave of Castle Overlord NFT (Collection 4)
  • Collection 4 adds a new faction: Cruiser
  • Collection 4 contains NFT troopers, castles, and towers from the Cruiser faction
  • Launching an update for the Castle Overlord dApp (v1.1)
  • v1.1 new features include the raid battle and NFT burning features
Phase 5
  • Metaverse