Game Overview

Castle Overlord is an ambitious attempt at creating a competitive strategy game that elevates the passion of NFT enthusiasts. In this game, players assume the role of rookie overlords vying for dominance in a fresh and flourishing land. Anybody who owns a trooper can join the fight, but being a true ruler takes more than knowing how to brawl. It is also important to manage resources, strengthen the army, deploy defenses, and choose the ideal target to attack.
NFTs are offered in the form of in-game units, including troopers, castles, and towers. To progress in the game, players must defeat other players and claim their territories. Victory rewards players with resources that can be used in various ways, such as upgrading units or buying items that give strategic advantage in the battlefield. Players must utilize everything at their disposal to put their names on the leaderboard and prove that they are the greatest overlord.
This game is available for free with limited features. Players can unlock the full gameplay by owning at least one NFT unit. This low entry requirement is combined with the in-game benefits of owning a slew of NFTs, making Castle Overlord attractive for both casual gamers and hardcore blockchain nerds.