Why Play Castle Overlord?

  • Low Entry Barrier. Anyone can play the game for free with limited features. Players can unlock the full game and earn rewards by owning at least one NFT trooper.
  • Unlimited NFT Variations. Each minting period offers a huge variation of new NFTs created by our talented artist. Every NFT unit is a combination of randomly selected parts that have their own color and design. These parts also come in different rarities that affect their appearances and in-game stats. The virtually unlimited combination ensures that every NFT is unique, and the limited minting period keeps the value maintained by scarcity.
  • AFK-Friendly. Players have the opportunity to gain resources both actively (assault battles) and passively (defense battles).
  • NFT Added Value. The value of an NFT in Castle Overlord is not only determined by its looks. Since every NFT is a playable unit, their battle capabilities are also part of the equation. By upgrading an NFT, it will increase in strength and become more desirable in the market.