Unlimited NFT Variations

Castle Overlord offers collectible assets in the form of NFT units. These NFTs come with the following characteristics:
  • There are 3 types of NFT unit: trooper, castle, and tower.
  • NFTs are composed of multiple parts. Units of the same type have the same amount of parts.
  • Each part determines a certain stat of a unit. For example, a trooper’s health point is determined by its body part, and its movement speed is determined by its leg part.
  • Each part has one of three possible rarity ratings: common, rare, or legendary. Higher rarity results in a higher stat.
  • Parts with legendary rarity are distributed in limited numbers.
  • Each part has 5 variations of design.
  • NFT units are also divided into various factions, each with a unique visual identity and behavior.
  • When an NFT is minted, the parts’ rarities and design variations will be randomly assigned.
  • When an NFT is minted, it’s possible to acquire an additional part on the unit depending on the player’s luck.
  • Hundreds of millions combinations are available, there will be virtually no units that are identical.
  • Trooper and tower units have different weapons that affect their battle capabilities.
  • NFT units can be upgraded to increase their strength.
  • NFT units can be traded among players.
  • Players can download the 3D models of NFT units they own. These can be utilized in various means, such as 3D printing or animation projects.
Unlike many NFT projects which offer a limited amount of NFTs in a collection, the NFT variation of Castle Overlord is virtually limitless. Every minted NFT will always have a unique visual appearance. Instead of limiting the numbers, we’ve chosen to limit the minting period to a certain amount of time. Once the minting period of a collection is finished, the NFTs in that collection will be unavailable to mint permanently.
We offer new NFT variations in every collection release, so stay updated and don’t miss the excitement of opening up new booster packs!